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Serenity Base Music and Arts Festival: Artist At Large / Shred is Dead

  • The Sandwhich Fair Association (map)


August 9th: Artist At Large

August 11th: Shred is Dead and Gateway To The Galaxy 430pm-545pm


A creative community festival celebrating mind, body, and spirit through movement, music, and art.

Serenity Base aims to be an intimate 3-day camping experience of Chicago-local artists, musicians, and patrons who are looking for something different than a commercialized commuter festival.

The synopsis of the event is a 3-day, introspective, and transformative, arts festival focusing on mind, body, and spirit emphasized by the music, movement, and art installations.

Throughout the day, there will be flow and movement based workshops, ranging from basic yoga, Reiki and acro-yoga to slack-lining, poi, hoop, and staff free flows. Ideally, these activities would be centered around stage 3 – Base Tent, leaving the other two stages mainly for music acts.

The name Serenity Base is another important aspect of the vision with this festival. Blake's uncle is a massive inspiration for the event. Michael Kandel, Tranquility Bass, began creating experimental electronic fusion music in the late 80s. When Blake was a child, he traveled the world and sent postcards from places he would visit: telling tales of the people he met and the music he played for them. Blake has had the opportunity to watch him sing live a handful of times, and will always have his albums to remember him by. Sadly, he passed away in May 2015. In memory of, and in tribute to him, the festival is named: Serenity Base.

In the spirit of creating a mindful and wellness culture, S-Base will not serve or allow any alcohol. This festival is not for people who want to visit the lifestyle of counter culture, but instead for those who live and embody the vibes and mindset on a daily basis. This is about facilitating the ease and transfer of energy, love, information, and wisdom through a positive-vibe-loving crowd of attendees.

All vendors and artists should embody: clean eating, healthy living, sustainable mindset, energy conscious, creative, and knowledgeable veterans of the community.

Life in general is about creating moments and being a moment maker for those around you. Each person has a duty to be the best version of them and share their unique gift to people around them.

Serenity base is all about facilitating those positive vibes and that energy throughout every attendee.

**Please message us if you want to be added to our email list, want to become a vendor, want to perform, or hold a workshop!