Marcus helped me step out of the realm of hobby and into the realm of profession. Between the online and face to face lessons I was churning out epic chords in a few weeks! Highly recommended!
— Dan R.
I was at an intermediate level and in a month I was not only playing songs I never thought I would be able to, but jamming on my own. Marcus has played with some of my idols and it was really an honor to take lessons from him.
— Francis D.
My son was playing in school and started showing real interest. I came across Marcus through Google and after a few short talks I knew he was the best option for Jason. We live in Ohio and Jason takes one hour long class with Marcus a week. Huge improvement already! Marcus is even played a show close by and stopped by for a in person class. He is so kind and willing to go above and beyond for his students.
— Sarah H.



have known Marcus for 5 years in the capacity of his private lesson instructor and ensemble teacher at Berklee College of Music. Marcus was a standout student in many ways. His guitar playing skills are superb. He possesses a superior technique with a terrific understanding and implementation of contemporary improvisational concepts... In addition to excellent concert performances he proved himself to be a standout musician with a great ear, very good reading skills and a mature concept of ensemble playing...

- Mark White

Professor of Guitar Berklee College of Music


My promise to my students is to provide the highest quality of education with a balance between structure and creative flow.  As long as there is motivation I will do everything in my power to spread my love of playing the guitar. 

-Marcus Rezak

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